Modern Scandinavian Design
Forfatter:Charlotte Fiell, Peter Fiell, Magnus Englund
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Modern Scandinavian Design

Designers from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland have long pursued the shared goal of social equality through design, believing that well-designed everyday goods not only enhance daily life, but should also be the birthright of all. Modern Scandinavian Design is the ultimate guide to the distinctive design tradition arising out of these five Nordic countries since 1925. Bestselling design authors Charlotte and Peter Fiell have extensively explored all aspects of the aesthetic, along with additional research provided by Magnus Englund of Skandium With sections on architecture, furniture, lighting, glass, ceramics, metalwork, woodenware, plastics, textiles, jewellery and graphic design, this will be an indispensable resource for any design enthusiast, collector or casual reader seeking inspiration for their home. deadly secrets that must be hidden at all costs. And someone in the group wants to make sure they never get out.v knows that only the last man to see the Romanovs can ever know the truth.mately, we reconstruct a present from a fragmented past through local struggles against the homogenizing power of abstract spac?